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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 8, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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six candidates squared off today. the democrats took aim at president trump while the two republicans took aim at gavin newson. >> if you cannot trust gavin with your best friends wife how could you trust him with your stay? >> i apologize for it and i was wrong. ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> they remained civil in tome but you heard there was some tension. hello again, everyone i am frank somervell. >> good evening, i am tran 19. they talked about issues -- julie haener. they talked about issues. we are live with jana katsuyama, she took all 90 minutes and boiled it down for us . >> reporter: julie and frank this was a fast paced debate. it came from the republican
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travis allen and the democrat chunk. on stage, the four democrats in the two republicans have one month to go, new some is the front runner focusing his fire at the republicans and donald trump. >> it is incumbent upon the next governor to stand up and stand tall. >> reporter: he surged to 2nd and he says that he supports a board wall. >> we have wasted billions of dollars on this job, it is gone the minute i am governor. >> reporter: and then travis allen is repealing republican votes. >> we have the worst in the nation poverty and homelessness it is time that california takes carol -- takes care of
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teleports. >> we must secure our orders, i am the only person standing on stage that is an advocate for our orders. >> i have four kids. >> reporter: the other democrats said that they support the sanctuary state status and chung criticized new some. >> i stood up to president trump when he wanted to repeal obama care. i voted against offshore oil drilling. >> reporter: it is inappropriate for any boss in any business, or any government agency to make passes at women who work for them and when that happens it ought have to be given a shot of. >> reporter: they have learned from past affairs and they will fight for women's rights. the former mayor once fought a front runner now third back to
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get his message out. >> i want to be a governor that unites this great state this is the most diverse state in anywhere in the world. i am absolutely proud of that. >> reporter: it is a battle in a race that will pick the top two june primary renters regardless of race. all of that candidates except gavin newson came to the meeting afterwards. all of them said that they were confident that they won points in this debate. >> jana katsuyama in san jose today. he handed down a controversial six month sentence to a sexual assault case, he spoke out to the public today for the first time. >> we have to think about what are the facts in the case, the legal principles that apply and how do i arrive at a just decision with the law.
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who will hope -- we shouldn't decide who will hate me one way or another? >> a stanford student, booked him six months in jail for sexual assault with the unconscious women. he has said that he was bound by sentencing guidelines and recommendations by the the probation department. they have new superintendent one year after it was rocked by a campus sex assault scandal. he comes from the school system, max mcgee step down in the wake of five 2 investigates report uncovering the districts mishandling of assault claims. he will start june 1 pending approval by the school board
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later this month. they are investigating the death of a 15-year-old student in a high school swimming pool. it happened today. amber lee has more on this investigation and find out with his classmates and friends are saying. >> reporter: they are grieving the loss of the 15-year-old. they created a memorial at the gate that surrounds the swimming pool. one friend said that the boy was discovered in the poll unconscious at 1:52 pm when he and other students went to the pool for a physical education class. >> they noticed that there was a body at the bottom of the pool.>> reporter: the victim was transferred to the medical center in walnut creek. he died one hour later. >> there still is an investigation going on. >> reporter: the drowning
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victim was troubled and attempted suicide last month. one student said that she met him through a peer support group called, breaking down the walls. >> he was sweet. he talked about his struggles. >> he was bullied a lot and he didn't think he had a lot of people he could reliant or have close friends.>> reporter: some people knew him since kindergarten. >> it is shocking, some guy you knew all your life will not be there, it is hard to process.>> reporter: parents offered their symphonies -- sympathies. >> we want to tell his parents that we love them.>> reporter: they will provide grief counselors. >> it is scary that it is happening so close.
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>> reporter: they released the balloons in memory of the teenager. the officers will be looking at the evidence to determine what happened and talk to several students. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. he pleaded not guilty to charges he physically assaulted his ex-girlfriend back in february, prosecutors say that he punched and dragged her out of the couple's home and smashed her cell phone to keep her from calling 911. she then canted her statements. foster, the preliminary hearing is set for may 17. there are new evacuation orders on the big island of hawaii. two spots opened up and filling with lava and toxic gas. this area is under evacuation
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orders in addition to the 1700 people that were told to get out of their homes and moved to safer ground. we talked to ken ruben he said that at this point there is no indication that the lava flows are slowing down. >> we were not surprised when the volcanoes started up again. we do not have a good idea of how long this will last. what we do know is that when eruption's are likely to stop we will see a decrease with this. >> so far 35 homes have been destroyed by lava flows. new at 11 p.m., a ban was east. they are giving the green light for a drive-through restaurant. it is in exception to the current code that does ban drive-through's. >> reporter: a ban is a ban until it bumps up against a
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veggie burger. it's fast food has a big following so the community appetite is there. >> first and foremost my family is a fan and we hope you approve it. >> residents crowded a hearing. they were listening to concerns about the traffic, the cross work, it is a new restaurant. >> it is the only restaurant i can eat at without worrying about getting sick. >> it is hard to find good vegetarian food run your especially going out to eat. >> reporter: this was popular for packaged organic entries before it opened up its first location three years ago. it was mobbed since day one. >> we serve burgers, great lemonade. >> reporter: the couple that
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founded it chose this spot on paradise drive. it will show the size of what will be a restaurant with outdoor dining. in old denny's on the site will be torn down. >> we got letters and emails from people across the country asking for a drive-through in their town. >> reporter: they will have the same menu. and it will have the fast food picture, the drive-through window. it is not allowed here but it is essential to their concept. >> they have kids in the car and a dog in the car and they do not want to get out and they can quickly go through or there coming home from work and it is beneficial. >> whatever environmental damage, the idling cars may do it makes up for the eagle
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family -- eco-friendly restaurant. >> this is a miracle. i mean, it is a beat up old denny's.>> reporter: by this time next year, amy's hopes to be close to opening up on this side next month there will be a full counsel vote and it will not repeal the ban but they will look at it on a case-by- case forward -- going forward just like they did on this one. >> a water main break near the coliseum slowed traffic to the golden state warriors and a's game today. they were working to repair the 12 inch area. this was partially closed as
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they did their work they successfully shut off the water but they say that it will take them until morning to finish the repairs. a big celebration tonight at the oracle arena they win and advanced to the western conference final. find out why they have their hands full against the rockets. president trump scratch the iran nuclear deal is he making the u. s. safer or is he creating uncertainty in the middle east? we have had the warmest temperatures this season and we will have our five day forecast coming up next. he's been called a rockstar lawyer. he tops the charts on progressive causes...
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winning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold.
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president trump announced his decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. laura blanchard tell us that the controversial decision has isolated the united states from many of its western allies. >> reporter: they say that they regret president trump's decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. >> today's action since they critical message. the united states no longer makes them the threats. when i make promises i keep them. >> reporter: resident trump called the deal defective at its core it starts the clock on reinstituting sections on iran after a 90 day periods -- period. >> iran is loyal to its
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commitments. >> reporter: on capitol hill there is split reaction. >> it was obviously flawed from the beginning. >> they use these words and do not have a real plan. >> reporter: it was formed under warmer president, obama, in a statement, he calls his decision misguided. and he said noting the move could negatively impact ongoing negotiations with nor -- north korea. walking away from this risks losing a deal that accomplishes with iran the very outcome that we are pursuing with the north koreans. >> the president announced his new secretary of state, mike pompeo is meeting with north korea. that is ahead of the summit with kim jong-un. in washington, lauren
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blanchard, fox news. >> we talked to barbara lee about the decision in it leaves the u. s. more isolated she said. >> this pulling out of the iran deal shows that the united states cannot be trusted. we do not live up to our commitments. and it looks like the rest of the world will move forward. >> reporter: she hopes that the european allies will work with iran to keep the frame work -- framework of it going. you can find out more information online, san francisco police chief, bill scott, he is one of the three finalists to become chief of the lapd. he was interviewed for the job
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last week and he is up for the job along with two commanders already employed by the lapd. the san francisco police department would not report on the current chief he is retiring on june 27. a group of parents marched to the walnut creek courthouse. >> our kids are not for sale. >> they said there were three judges of willfully disregarding evidence in cases involving child protective services. they claim that a number of the judges, the city rulings were not based on the best interest of children and families. the cofounder and the husband of serena williams, this was an afterschool program, the 35-year-old was a partner here and recently help launch a san francisco venture capital firm. he and four colleagues visited
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the afterschool all-star program at the charter school today. he said he became interested in the tech word -- tech world and coding as his passion when he was a youngster with video games. >> i will email, not just for the money but i will probably email him because i am going to probably need the help, i am trying to build, like, youtube, some thing bigger than that something where people can be creative and do their own thing to create video games. >> those guys are pretty impressive. >> he handed out a lot of advice but he didn't do all of the talking. they asked him if he was any good at tennis? he says he hopes to one day take lessons and show her up on court. temperatures are on the warm up, starting on thursday
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but tomorrow is the transition day between a cooler day today is what we had, and tomorrow will be the same as today. as we go into thursday, friday, saturday, the temperatures increase and we will see the numbers easily into the upper 80s. we could see low 90s. the high pressure comes down and the air does sink and the hay fever sufferers suffer more. it will trap the pollens and everything in the boundary layer and it warms us up. the highs today will be similar to tomorrow we will see numbers in the upper 70s and a few low 80s, the system here it brought rain into the reading area. we had a few scattered showers showing up in butte county and temperatures are on the mild side we have a big push of cool marine air and you see that
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green in the 60s, tomorrow that marine air, fog if you will will be all over the bay, and then it burns up quickly. not really but quicker than it did today and the temperatures will be about where they were today. lunchtime in san francisco 60 degrees and the end of the day partly cloudy, partly sunny, low 60s. we go over to oakland and you are in the upper 60s. when you go down to san jose you will find yourself some 70s and if you go out towards the east you see low 80s. there is the microclimate set up tomorrow is the tradition -- transition day heading back into a warm pattern, we will see low 90s, certainly around morgan hill. we will see lower 80s thursday or friday. and the five day forecast, it is right there and ready to go.
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mother's day is sunday. >> yes, it will be beautiful everywhere it will be a good day. the golden state warriors are advancing to the western conference finals. we will find out what they will be facing with the rock is. a video that allergy sufferers will be cringing out. this video has gone viral and we posted this story on and we will be back in two minutes. look at that. >> could you imagine running into that? >> no. >> it would not be good.
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the golden state warriors are going to the conference finals but this time they do not have home advantage. >> we knew it would come down to them and the rockets. and it is on now, the western conference finals but like frank said it will start on the road, in houston. the golden state warriors take off. look at this, kevin durant, 24 for him and 28 for stuffed curry -- stuffed curry --
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steph curry take a look at the fantastic ball movement. shaun livingston to the bucket. anthony davis had 34 points. there were two minutes left and draymond green with the shot that knocked him out of the box it put him up by 9 then tremont -- draymond green, 19 points, 9 assists, he was asked afterwards if he mind playing the houston rockets be -- rockets? >> we want another championship and if you are in the way you are in the way but we don't say, we want to play them, it doesn't matter to us who we play but however, we got them. let's get to it now. >> get it on, monday night in houston. in the meantime, nothing like the world champs to slow
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you down. they honor nurses from the labor and delivery unit. the a's couldn't deliver the victory. chris davis, nice slide. it was 2-1. but that was springer again. that was shot off of the board to the deep left center and it is a 4-2 final. billy, the giants have their support that is a son there and his father is bringing up up -- right. it is 2-1, and the rest of the night belongs to the right- hander. he struck out 12 giants that ran into a hitting slump. he delivered a home run later.
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but the giants fell 4-2. this is the only play of the night the white sox, tim anderson, he rolls with the tarp, nicely, he hung on to that all. it is all worth checking out. the golden state warriors are the story. >> yes, they are moving on. thank you, have a good night. thank you.
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